Written & Photographed by Nigel Tadyanehondo



My journey started when a friend messaged me on whatsapp… ‘Want to fly somewhere next week?’. My girlfriend was in Gran Canaria, and I didn’t have any work booked in. ‘Switzerland?’ I responded, after seeing some epic images on Instagram. ‘Let’s do it’ He said. We didn’t do any in depth research; we just knew there was ‘Grand Tour Switzerland’ which was roughly 1600km (we ended up doing 5000km). The Grand Tour is essentially an epic road trip!



Zurich was amazing… a cool & cultural city with an incredibly wealthy culture. The highlight of my trip however was probably the drive from Lugano to Zermatt, as we travelled from the sunny Italian border to epic snowy, winter scenery.





My advice?


-I would say St Gallen, Appenzell, St Moritz & Interlaken are all places any visitor should definitely have on the list!

– Bring hiking shoes!!! We didn’t foresee this… and ended up hiking in Nike’s. I would not advise it. Also a tip for when hiking, bring some extra money to get a cable car back down the slope.

– We did spend a while sorting out our route & sat navs for the Grant Tour… this was not necessary as the Grand Tour is actually written on all the road signs! Just follow the signs and you’re good! Very useful!

– Bring at least £1000 with you for 10 days travel. Food, even fast food, is very -expensive. If you’re on a budget I would suggest doing a big food shop for snacks /meals at Lidl or Aldi upon arrival. I managed to do it on £300 but I was literally eating cereal bars for breakfast, lunch & dinner! N.b. Mcdonalds is about 3 times the price!

– To get a nice Air Bnb you’re looking at around £100 per night, me and my 2 friends managed to find some that were £45/50 per night but they were not that glamorous or relaxing.

– Fuel is reasonably priced, depending on the car you rent. I would go for Sixt or Enterprise as they have great deals. Fun fact: you can also do a train tour which may work out cheaper.

– On the way home, if you’re at the airport for quite some time, pay for the airport longue! It’s about £40 but you get unlimited food, drink & alcohol! Super comfy and great for getting some work done. We sat there for several hours going through edits & video footage.



Switzerland, though planned on a whim, was an incredible & beautiful experience. As you can see from my photographs, the scenery was breathtaking. Most of all… I learned a lot about myself; it’s a place to go for some deep soul searching for sure.




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