Illustrator Katherine Hillier launched her new Fashion Collage series last week – and the team at Laeze are loving it! Quirky, colourful & fun but keeping it fashion forward – we are addicted!




You work across a variety of techniques, styles and mediums. Tell us about your journey as an artist to date, and what inspires your work?

It’s a bit cliche, but I’ve been creating art for as long as I can remember. The majority of my work focuses on creating narratives, and I use collaging as a way to escape that mentally-intensive process. My work is inspired by contrasts; whether simply in shape and colour, or in wider contexts of the macabre, the mundane, and the mythical.



What was the inspiration behind this new series of fashion collages?

I feel like collaging helps me to refresh my creative mind and really focus on the simple visual components of an image; in the way imagery can be spliced apart, and in linking together shape, colour, texture. I’ve always loved fashion so it feels natural that I’m drawn to assembling these collaged people with a focus on what they’re wearing.




Who were your earliest artistic influences? (e.g. artists who you deemed rad)

Earliest? That would probably have to be comics and anime. A lot of it, and pretty low quality. I guess it fed my obsession with stories and narratives, but I also dwelled on the lurid ridiculous outfits. 90s anime fashion was…powerful.


How do you think social media is changing the art industries?

I think social media is powering some real change. Previously ignored voices are becoming powerful. We still have a long way to go, but it feels like we’re at a key turning point.


Diversity is a big focal point of the fashion industry at the moment, do you think other artistic media is ahead or behind the times?

Ahead, probably. The fashion industry is, after all, an industry, so relies on selling products, and it seems that people believe the way to do so is to pander to the prevalent ideals of beauty, (aka, white n skinny), regardless of how much these brands themselves are reinforcing it. But obviously, with the help of social media, previously silenced voices are shouting out and there’s some real change occurring.


In this crazy world of political unrest and climate change, what role do you think the art, music & fashion industries have?

Reinforcing attitudes of change. We can create such a powerful force of engagement to bring issues to global audiences and provide momentum for the better.


If you were given 10 million dollars tomorrow – what would you do with it?

Shit, these questions are hard. Um, I suppose, my initial reaction would be to buy so, so much art, from all the developing artists and illustrators I’d love to support. Then, donate to some seriously crucial causes. And then, map out some serious plans: all those ingenious start-ups finding viable ways to empower communities and protect the earth? Doing good while making money to continue the cycle of doing good? That’s so wonderful and I’d plan to just keep on investing in that movement for change until the day I die.


See more of Katherine’s work here